Conference Testimonials

Carlos Dowtin

“I highly recommend this program to all who can attend because it helps prepare your child for life’s challenges.”

Claudia Soto

“Amazing experience! My family and I have not only enjoyed the time here at Clearwater Beach, but have also enjoyed the inspirational stories shared by the guest speakers. I would definitely recommend this opportunity to any nominee!”

April Mosley

“The Young Leaders staff members were the most personable people I have ever met from answering questions promptly through emails to greeting us with warm welcomes, and hank shakes to a long way. Thank you for filling my daughter with valuable life lessons.”

Michelle Childers

“I truly enjoyed seeing the excitement on my daughter’s face at the end of each day of the conference. She shared her experience with me with such enthusiasm! This has been such a positive and empowering experience and I’m so proud and grateful she got to be a part of it!”

Clarence W. Jordan

“We have really enjoyed the YLA conference. It was an exciting time where students and parents could learn and experience students, parents, speakers, and leaders on a different level. Learning from others who may have similar views and from others who are experts in different areas. Thanks for all you have done to enrich the lives of all students and families.”

Mirel Patel

“Great speakers. Very inspirational!”

Nandana Pai

“Ria loved all of the motivational speakers. She had a great experience at this conference.”

Skye Tiedemann

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work by teaching me to be a better leader. I can't wait to apply the new knowledge you taught me into real life scenarios. Also I'm so excited to come next year so I could stay the whole time!"

Elly Perez

“Working on the business project, even though it wasn’t completed at it’s fullest and best, it was still super fun to brainstorm, come up with and work on.”

James Saxton

“Kloey came home inspired and energized every day from your program. She enjoyed this past week much more than I expected.”

Jose Morales

“My daughter is the type of person that loves to be challenged. Ashley loved this course. She didn’t like that it ended so soon.”

Ashley Morales

“My favorite part was making new friends and listening to these great speakers.”

Chrystal Soto

“My favorite part of this year’s conference was when Benny Glossop spoke. He was very inspiring and the words that he spoke are the ones I will make sure to apply to my life. The speakers were inspirational and thought-provoking. I am extremely grateful and glad to attend this year. Plus, I also made some new great friends.”


“This was a great opportunity for my child to interact with other high-achieving students and listen to a diverse group of speakers.”

Deborah Perez

“The program, leadership, and speakers provided an unforgettable and extremely valuable experience for my daughter (Elly) to hear what I have been telling her from others makes it more meaningful and has a more significant impact. Having a world-class motivational platform for this age group will generate world-class leaders! Thank you for all you do. It was a pleasure to participate.”

Fermin Mendez

"My son participated in the Young Leaders of America program summer of 2017. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in giving their child a "camp" experience with the substance you would want for your young overachiever. Being exposed to like minded youths and learning to work together in groups was something that my son enjoyed and the myriad of outstanding guest speakers and activities made for an educational and fun week. My son is already looking forward to hopefully returning as a counselor some day. Thanks again for a great week guys. We will be in touch."

Bakari Kerr

“I thought listening to Mike Trill was really cool because he had so many examples of how he has applied leadership skills and he talked about how we could use them. I had an amazing time learning from different speakers and doing fun team-building activities.”

Jessie Croce

“My daughter loved the speakers. She came home every day showing me her notes and was always so excited to come back the next day. Thank you so much for your time and for the opportunity to let my daughter experience this program.”

Vaidahi Patel

“I enjoyed learning tons of leadership skills that will be applied throughout my life.”

John O. Kerr

“Loved that our son loved the program and the wonderful speakers who inspired him.”

Isabella Bellucci

“This week was amazing. My favorite part was meeting like-minded people from different places. It’s fantastic to be put with people similar to you, make friends and work together for the good of everyone. The speakers were amazing, especially Benny Glossop and Mike Trill, two engaging and inspiring people very fortunate to have met them. The conference was also very engaging and informative. Thank you.”

Merky Morales

“My daughter had an amazing time this week. She heard from great speakers who shared their experiences, which inspired her to continue to work hard and grow to be a leader herself. Ashley enjoyed the conference and felt that the week went by too quickly.”

Samantha Bellucci

“My daughter will take away a greater sense of herself after attending this conference. The speakers and staff have given her a channel to use her voice and the confidence to share with others what she has learned. The speakers were great and their stories of life were empowering.”

Tochi Carrillo

"My daughter attended a leadership camp this summer and learned to enhance her skills through teamwork activities."

Emma Goldberg

“When I first got here, I believed I wouldn’t make friends, but I’m sitting here now with friends and a great experience! This truly is an amazing program and I’m glad to be a part of it. I learned a lot and can’t wait to tell everyone about it. My favorite part was listening to what the speakers had to say. Everyone has a different point of view on leadership but I liked it when the speakers had overlapping ideas. I also enjoyed being around students who have the same drive and determination as me.”

Laude Saint-Preux

“My son had a life-changing experience in the YLA program. This is an opportunity of a lifetime that will help him to succeed throughout his career. Thank you to the staff of YLA for being so nice to my son. This is truly a wonderful program. I am glad my son is a member of the YLA family.”

Emmanuella Saint-Preux

“There is an amazing change I have noticed in my son Cameron and it is not because he has just turned 14 years old. It is because of attending the Young Leaders of America conference. He has become more pensive. He looks at us with eyes of admiration, as if he is seeing us for the first time, and that to me is exceptional.”

Cameryn Saint-Preux

“I had a wonderful time here at the YLA program and would love to continue a relationship with both the program and staff. It would take too long for me to describe this program’s impact so let me say this. Before this, I was hesitant, unsure, and unprepared, maybe I still am, but I know now that I am determined to succeed, no matter the cost. My favorite part of the conference was getting to work alongside like-minded individuals and be surrounded by the presence of progress. I made great friends and truthfully, I am sad to see them go. My hope is that I may meet them again someday should fate permit.”

Samantha Bellucci

“My daughter will take away a greater sense of herself after attending this conference. The speakers and staff have given her a channel to use her voice and the confidence to share with others what she has learned. The speakers were great and their stories of life were empowering.”

Ria Pai

“Learning leadership skills I can apply for the rest of my life.”

Cheryl Chapman

"My nephew attended this conference last week and loved it. I came away extremely impressed. They had great motivational speakers and every one of the instructors were awesome and very personable, which made it much easier since he is a bit shy. The layout was professional but not too difficult for middle school age children to grasp. I 100% recommend. Thank you so much to the entire staff. You guys are awesome:) Keep up the great work."